Hot Wheels AcceleRacers is an animated series of movies by Mattel. It is computer-animated. The AcceleRacers Wiki is a collaborative website about AcceleRacers that anyone can edit. Dieses Wiki ist eine öffentliche Webseite über mein Thema, die jeder bearbeiten kann! Dies ist ein. Shortly after, the Water realm opens in movie 2, and a new selection process is revealed, which keeps some drivers in the reserve in case others do not make it out. In story order they are:. Both shows take place in California. Despite Karma asserting that she never met Taro during the race, Taro continues to examine her car's camera due to how her camera was suspiciously damaged during the realm. Eine Besonderheit bei der deutschen Erstausstrahlung ist, dass nur der erste Teil komplett d.

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Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels acceleracers This is an archived post. This page was last edited on 16 July , at Every time I watch these movies I notice something different. Fahrer bearbeitet von Ein FANDOM-Benutzer Renn runden erstellt von Ein FANDOM-Benutzer Neue Seite: During a grudge race Between The Leaders Tork Maddocks Of Metal Maniacs and Nolo Passaro Of Teku Over the death of Nolo's brother Tone on the coastline, wich neither won because Wild or Mark interrupted the race causing all of them to crash Dr. Meanwhile, Wylde attempts to get Porkchop to use Tork's car despite Porkchop not being called up for the next race, an order that Porkchop vehemently refuses. This page was last edited on 16 July , at Teku, Metal Maniacs, Racing Drones, stumme Fahrer und Tezlas Cube Teku: Both shows take place in California. Hey Andy, könntest du den 4. Following the Reddiquette guidelines will help.

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The final scene of the film showed Kurt's car and a drone's car entering a mysterious base, before revealing the Silencerz and their base for the first time. Danke Wir vermissen die Acceleracers Serie!!! Sie übernahmen dafür die Kontrolle über einen Bahnräumer, damit sie nach dem Rennen im Portal der Drohen und nicht in ihrem eigenen herauskommen, Es gelingt ihnen, den Fahrer zu finden und zu befreien. I noticed this time that Lani used her Highway 35 car as the ambulance in acceleracers. This is a sequel series to Highway 35 World Race. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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